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ReelCraft Series RT General Industrial Spring Retractable Reel ReelTek, a hiybrid, lighter, spring-driven hose reel with a composite spool designed for applications that are less demanding, yet require a product that can withstand industrial use ReelCraft Series Premium Duty Spring Retractable Reels Durable and compact for a wide range of applications with critical space requirements. A full flow shaft and swivel assures maximum product delivery. The Quiet Speed latch mechanism offers quiet operation combined with latch cam technology insuring longer latching life and trouble-free performance. Can handle hose lengths up to 50′. The reel’s base and guide arms are formed from high-grade steel and engineered with structural forms and gussets to yield the greatest amount of strength. ReelCraft Series DP Dual Pedestal Reels Features a patented interlocking base design, which makes the base assembly especially strong and resistant to vibration. ReelCraft Series Dual Pedestal Reels Incorporates a dual pedestal base and guide arm design that is structurally reinforced. All-steel construction and baked-on powder coat finish combine to produce a rugged corrosion resistant product suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications. The D arm guides are field adjustable for floor, wall, ceiling, pit and truck mounting.

Grounding The Workpiece You’re Welding

The one I am looking at is about 11 years old. All I have seen are some pictures of it. Its almost 2 hours away from where I live. If the weather is good here in the East I am planning to make the trip to go and see it and maybe bring it home with me. Its got the runner but is not water cooled I’ll have to get a bottle for it. Comes with cups a torch think it is a flex weldcraft and a gas gauge also has the foot pedal.

Electron beam welding, despite a long history and widespread arc and laser technology, is still widely used in industry. The main applications for this high efficiency welding process are: automotive, electronics, electrical engineering, aerospace and mechanical engineering industry.

Bespoke Lead Shielding Calder offer a variety of bespoke radiation shielding for the healthcare industry. Our range extends to, Neutron, Gamma and X-Ray radiation shielding as well as offering conventional shielding methods such as lead bricks, lead chevrons and lead blankets. Our design engineers use their extensive lead engineering experience to resolve the most demanding of radiation shielding challenges and above all keep our customers safe.

Posted in Tagged healthcare Comments Off on Bespoke Lead Shielding Bespoke Radiation Shielding Calder regularly works with research and development departments to help manufacturer bespoke radiation products to help shield out Neutron, Gamma and X-Rays. We work with a range of industries creating high performance products designed to fit around specific requirements. Posted in Comments Off on Bespoke Radiation Shielding Bespoke Radiation Shielding Calder offers a range of bespoke radiation shielding products for the industrial market.

As well as conventional shielding such as lead bricks, chevrons and blankets, Calder offers bespoke shielding solutions to meet specific and unique requirements. Our specialist design engineers use their extensive lead engineering experience to work with you to resolve the most demanding of radiation shielding challenges from concept through to design, manufacture and installation. Posted in Comments Off on Bespoke Radiation Shielding Calder understands that the defence industry is continually changing which is why our bespoke radiation shielding solutions fit around your specific requirements.

We have previously produced radiation shielding products for ships, aerospace, submarines and many other applications.

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Example Wire Gauge Sizes Figure 6: Three Phase Power Supplies Figure 3: Example Welding Circuit Q: I need to order some welding cable for our shop, but I am not sure the correct size to get. I have seen some reference charts, but I would like an explanation on how to use them. Welding cable is the electrical conductor for the welding current.

Charging Trailer Batteries From the Tow Vehicle Alternator Dave and Helen Damouth 23 August, A frequent question in RV circles concerns the possibility of using the tow vehicle’s engine and electrical system to recharge trailer batteries.

Underwater welding helmets serve this purpose, in addition to allow breathing for the welder-diver. Most use the same diving helmet that they would on a regular commercial dive, with one addition: A welding screen that attaches to the front of their mask for eye protection. Some of these welding screens flip up or down like a welding hood, and they come in all different shades.

Outfitted with the most simplistic design, this helmet is characterized by a larger transparent visor for the greater visibility. Because of its simplicity, divers can take it apart and put it together again with just a screwdriver and wrench. As the whip is to Indiana Jones, so a knife is to welder-divers. A diving knife does the job. This is where gas is pumped from the diver to and from the surface. Harness — To keep the diver buoyant and in one place while doing his or her work.

Gas Panel and Compressor: A qualified team monitors gas gauges and keeps a steady supply of air coming to the diver s below. Most use a low pressure gas because of its low maintenance virtually unlimited air supply. Used for emergency situations, this gas is normally carried by the diver as a secondary gas supply in case the SSA equipment malfunctions.

Class M and K Welding Cable Supplier and Products

You need a DC power source The polarity must be set to DC negative aka Straight polarity. For this Video, I used a CK 17 air cooled flex head with valve Thats the cool thing about scratch start tig

TEMCo WC’ (10′ Blk, 10′ Red) 6 Gauge AWG Welding Lead & Car Battery Cable Copper Wire BLACK + RED | MADE IN USA – –

Should I wet my coal around the fire pot or soak the coal before? I found that this makes the coal dust stick to the coal and burns better. You need to really be careful with water around a hot firepot because it could crack the firepot. For a small fire in the middle of the firepot you can either put some wet coal around the sides of “cold” firepot or just green coal and when the fire gets going you will have a very small fire. GB I bank and wet it to keep it from burning up fast What is best way to start a coal fire?

One piece at a time and make a ball about 5 to 6 inches in diameter, pack it rather tight and light it on the bottom put the bottom part down and start putting coke around the fire. The more coke you use the less smoke you get. Where is best place to get coal? How much does it cost? What kind of coal is it? It is the best that I have found yet.

Class M

You mentioned that grounding to a structure should not be used if at all possible. My question is this: Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Contents. Introduction ; Installation; Parts List ; Welding with Batteries. Introduction: When I first started building my truck for wheeling, *the* thing to get was the Optima red-top battery. So I got one and replaced the aged lead-acid battery that was leaking all over my fender.

This makeshift mould did not have a long life expectancy, but it produced enough 3 oz. One secret if using Plaster of Paris is to cure this mold dry it out before using it. Putting them in an oven for a few hours to get rid of the moisture and will help keep it from cracking the first few times it is used. In use, do not cast so many one right behind the other where you will overheat these fragile molds.

Believe it or not, I have managed to save two of these old jigs that are now about 55 years old. On one, the feathers are pretty well tattered or almost non existent, but the memories are still there. The other was an improvement using a hoochie for the tail, and you will notice the defective nose where the lead did not flow completely.

Basic Welding Terms

A similar issue exists in motorhomes, with significant differences because of the much shorter path between alternator and house batteries. Normal electrical use in the truck is much less, leaving plenty of excess capacity for charging trailer batteries. The poor charging is due to the voltage drop in the long run of skinny wire from the truck alternator back to the trailer battery probably about 25 feet.

One solution to the voltage drop problem is to install heavier wire.

My Four Main Welding Torches. Here are my four main welding torches right now. I have two more that I like but don’t have them hooked up to my manifold are all gems and if you gas weld lots having all four is really sweet.

The machine is also capable of flux-core welding, but that requires a different setup, detailed here. The setup is very different for these two types of welding. Not only because one requires the use of a shielding gas, but also because their polarity is reversed. Flux-core welding requires that the work clamp be connected to the Positive terminal. MIG welding requires that the work clamp be connected to the Negative terminal.

In either case, the short internal cable attaches to the other post in the machine. Follow the steps and if you run into questions drop them in the notes below or Tweet them JohnPoz. The cable should be fed from the inside of the work clamp to the outside terminal. The outer copper nut should be removed and the terminal should be attached with the flat side out wire side closest to clamp.

Use a wrench to tighten this nut as it will never need to be removed unless the clamp or cable needs to be replaced. Thread the other end of the cable through the small hole on the front of the welder. Connect it to the terminal flat side in touching the base of the post. Firmly plug the connector end of the Gun cable into the socket on the welder.

Wire size/lead size for Lincoln AC

Yield point,PSI The point in low and medium-carbon steels at which the metal begins to stretch when stress is applied, after which it will not return to its original length. Elongation The percentage, a two inch piece of metal will stretch before it breaks. The impact load required to break a test piece of welded metal. This test may be performed on metal below room temperature, at which point it is more brittle. Alloy Elements and Their effects on Steel Carbon c As the percentage of carbon increases, the tensile strength increases, the hardness increases, and ductility is reduced.

These welding projects plans are great for beginners. Welding project ideas can be tough to think of sometimes, but this welding cart project is simple.

One alternative repair method is powder welding spray welding. The spray welding technique has been around for about 40 years. The advantage to this method is, it gives you just as strong a repair as fusion welding without as much heat. You still have to preheat and postheat the head, but not nearly as high of a temperature or for as long. Only the weld area gets hot so you do not get the distortion you do with hot welding. By Larry Carley Ask any engine builder who has pulled a cylinder head off a late model engine and he or she will agree: It seems as if many cylinder heads are doomed to crack from the very start because of their lightweight construction and design.

Aluminum overhead cam OHC heads, in particular, are often found to be warped as well as cracked. But so too are many pushrod cast iron heads.

Bush Welding with Batteries and Jumper Leads

Employees and their families benefit from safety and health because: Simply put, protecting people on the job is in everyone’s best interest-our economy, our communities, our fellow workers and our families. Safety and health add value to businesses, workplaces and lives. You wager your business acumen against larger, perhaps more heavily financed corporate groups and other free-spirited, self-employed individuals like yourself.

Selecting the Proper Size Welding Cables Here is the best way to use reference charts for ordering the correct sizes of welding cable for the shop, along with some basic guidelines to follow.

The spectrum of welding options is wide, so we focus here on just those that you can use away from home without a volt power outlet nearby. This is trail welding technology at its best. Or field welding, fixing stuff around the house, or barn welding—pretty much any welding without local power. The pinnacle of trail welders is the Premier Power Welder. This welder is powered by a special high-amp alternator on your engine that can switch from normal battery charging duty to welding duty when repairs are needed.

The welder system includes a control box ours is mounted under the dash that your welding lead and ground cables plug into and can run a volt DC tool such as a grinder or drill if needed during the fix as well as recharge a battery. The kit also has a hand throttle so you can increase the rpm and get the required current depending on whether you need to charge a battery, weld, or run a volt tool.


So I got one and replaced the aged lead-acid battery that was leaking all over my fender. My single red-top filled the area under my hood and worked fine for nearly two years of hard wheeling, but after picking up a Premier Power Welder, I had to find some room to install the large control box for the welder. So, what you might ask, does needing more room under the hood and dual batteries have in common?

Well, needing more room led me to explore alternate locations for some of the equipment already living under the hood. I ruled out the engine electronics, my 12V air compressor and that basically left the battery. Batteries are big and heavy, so I thought if I could find someplace low and out of the way for the battery, I could free up valuable space, lower my center of gravity and get my welder installed.

Welding Cable Class K Class K welding cable is the most commonly used. Your standard welding cable is 30 AWG stranded and is available in a red or black jacket.

YouTube In arc welding, an arc is established from the electrode to the workpiece. To do this, a smooth flow of electricity needs to complete the electrical circuit, hence the need for good electrical connections. Not only will good work lead connections, commonly incorrectly called ground connections, affect the welding arc and the quality of the finished weld, having good work lead connections are important to minimize electrical shock hazards.

This article will explain some of the ways to achieve a good work lead connection. Attaching the Work Lead to the Workpiece A high production automotive part may benefit from more than one connection. A high production automotive part may benefit from more than one connection. To be effective, the work lead must make good electrical contact with the workpiece. This is usually performed by using a work lead clamp also, commonly incorrectly called ground clamp , or through copper-graphite brushes, or sliding or rotating shoes.

Also, keep in mind that aluminum is poorly suited for this purpose, as it quickly forms an oxide that is poor conductor of welding current. A work lead clamp is perhaps the common method to connect the work lead cable to the workpiece.

How to Get a Good, Safe Welding Ground – How It Works and How to Work It – Kevin Caron