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In other words – this one is a DEAL. One of the nice features about this parcel is that it hosts a small creek fed by a natural spring. This, of course, attracts songbirds and other wildlife who are drawn to the stream. Check out the video tour at my ClearSkiesProperties dot com for a good view. This property is at around feet elevation. They are responsible for keeping the roads in good condition. Apart from that this really is an area for living off the grid. You’ll see a lot of solar panels and generators up here as people bring up their own power. It is a well water area and the water table in this particular spot is favorable at only a couple hundred feet depth. Of course this is a propane and septic tank area.

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I’ve probably linked before to this brief article about the value of not thinking. Also, the way she cuts apples is wasteful. You get more apple if you cut it into quarters first and then cut the cores out, like in this video. Personally I cut the stem skin off with the cores, after quartering. You just tape a HEPA furnace filter to a box fan.

Finally, a inspiring and informative reddit post about guerrilla edible landscaping.

Backtrack magazine:illustrated journal about railway and locomotive history.

Camping coaches on the Scottish Region to – Part 1. Similarly the Pullman vehicles SC and their origins are also tabulated as are the sites. Winter storage is described as is the prepartaion necessary to disconnect them from their sites and transport them to a winter storage site or to a carriage works. Publicity material is described but the illustrations are for a national BR programme. This Taff Vale Railway branch was sometimes known as the Llancaiach branch.

It was opened from Stormstown Junction on 25 November for freight only and included a 1: Nelson was the name of a public house in Llancaiach. In a deviation avoided the incline, although this was steep 1: The closure of Llancaiach Colliery in caused the branch to fall into abeyance until the Albion Colliery opened. Passenger services started on the branch on 1 June and ran from Pontypridd to Nelson.

TVR railmotors steam railcars were used. The Royal Train visited the branch on 27 June Bus and tram competition eroded raiway traffic and passenger services ceased on 12 Sept.

The Greater Bridgeport Bar Association, Inc.

Having spent countless hours photographing trains at the very same places that Peter visited on the Aire Valley line between Leeds and Skipton, his shots of Apperley Bridge station below and Shipley bottom remind me of my own reconnaissances with a camera all those years ago. Indeed I have only fond memories of train spotting in the s.

The decade may have been overshadowed by post-war austerities and a need to ‘make do and mend’, but on a positive note the stringent living standards led to a generation of ‘baby boomers’ learning very quickly how to budget within their means. Train spotting was the perfect answer. It cost nothing to sit on a fence collecting engine numbers on your local line.

The loco is getting into its stride following a brief stop at Shipley station, its exhaust barely visible in the spring sunshine as it climbs the short distance to its next stop at Saltaire.

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Log in or register to post comments sphealey Re: You might want to buy one of those and then try to duplicate it. Log in or register to post comments Baking Soda Yay! I can make a cup of flour weigh anything between grams scoop, spoon, sift. After first rise, just push gently with the palm of your hands, then fold like you would make a businessletter, create surface tension. Baking Soda Log in or register to post comments spideywomanrg It’s the shortening or the lard The secret is in the shortening or the lard.

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Green with red wings. Excellent in a Good Plus Box with inner packing tray. Pale green with red wings, grey tipper body base. Grey with red wings.

Product Description. A high-flying adventure from the magic of Steven Spielberg, Hook stars Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as the infamous Captain Hook. Joining the fun is Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, Bob Hoskins as the pirate Smee, and Maggie Smith as Granny Wendy Darling, who must convince the middle-aged lawyer, Peter Banning, that he was once the legendary .

WhatsApp It almost seemed like a done deal. The life of a basketball coach is constantly changing. Bone, no stranger to changing schools, has had the good fortune of moving around only within the two gem cities of the Northwest, Seattle and now Portland. He spent years as the head coach at Seattle Pacific before becoming an assistant at Washington. For the last five years he has roamed the sidelines at the Stott Center and has helped the once-dingy program rise out of obscurity into the national spotlight as one of the finest small-conference basketball programs.

The work to get to this point was certainly challenging. Think Portland State is offering the perks, publicity and promising professional future that a larger or more athletically prestigious university can provide? All that Portland State seems to lack, all that makes coaching in the South Park Blocks a tremendous challenge, all of those problems would likely be eradicated at Washington State. Ken Bone likely knows better than any fan or journalist how much potential Portland State truly holds.

The man some call bland or uncharismatic knows full well that the team he is slated to coach next season is going to be supremely talented, perhaps even more than this season, and should have a terrific opportunity to make their third consecutive trip to the tournament. The promise of a renovated Stott Center will certainly throw some weight back toward the Rose City. Bone could coach his tail off in Pullman, Wash.

Think getting recruits and transfers to Portland was tough?

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A roti of fine white maida, leavened, rolled out oval in shape, sprinkled with nigella kalonji seeds and baked in a tandoor or ordinary oven. Small, mud plastered ovens closely resembling present-day tandoors’ have been excavated at Kalibangan, and Indus Valley site. In about AD , Amir Khusrau notes naan-e-tanuk light bread and naan-e-tanuri cooked in a tandoor oven at the imperial court in Delhi.

Naan was in Mughal times a popular breakfast food, accompanied by kheema or kabab, of the humbler Muslims. It is today associated with Punjabis, and is a common restaurant item, rather han a home-made one, all over India.

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In fact it’s difficult to generalise about the nightlife scene here, precisely because of its diversity, but there are things we can mention that are typical Moscow traits One thing that newcomers to the city will quickly notice is that a bar or nightclub is rarely just that. Unlike Prague nightlife , early every drinking venue in Moscow doubles up a restaurant and a very high proportion triple up if one can do such a thing as a bowling alley, billiards club, casino , concert venue or even book shop!

Perhaps it’s because Moscow is such a vast metropolis, and taxis are so expensive, that bar and club owners want to provide their customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for nightlife entertainment – rather than send them out into the, often bitter, cold night for a bite to eat! So in other words Moscow isn’t the best city in the world for bar-crawling, especially bearing in mind that these multi-purpose venues often charge a cover, but rather it’s best to choose your spot for the night and stick with it.

Naturally then there’s a little extra pressure to make the right choice And that’s where we come in! Read on for our top nightlife recommendations. Well first up in Propaganda , a stalwart of the Moscow nightlife scene if ever there was one! A good-looking yet friendly crowd of local students and foreign tourists reliably pack out this bar-cum-club, and a night of drinks and dancing here rarely disappoints. If however you want a more full on club experience, then Fabrique is the place to head.

No relation to Fabric in London, Fabrique is more glamorous, although perhaps slightly less fun that Propaganda, with a decent programme of foreign DJs. Then of course there’s Mio , where the cool kids like to cut loose! If you’re more wired towards alternative nights out and live music, than BPM, then fear not.

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Ambassador Donald Lu has had a long and polarizing history in Albania. Todd Wood There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today’s information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media. Here are a few:

Select your phone from the list in the pop-up window. Unplug the phone when the “Safe to Remove Hardware” message appears onscreen. William Pullman is a freelance writer from New Jersey. He.

Nancy Pearl If you’re interested in getting your child or teen to keep reading during the hot, long, lazy vacation, offer them these cool summer books. They all have great first lines as well as fast-moving plots, three-dimensional characters, and good, strong finishes. Tanglewreck, Jeanette Winterson’s first novel for kids, begins this way: It was the first of the Time Tornadoes.

The Time Tornadoes and disappearances are happening with increasing frequency and intensity. Plus, a wooly mammoth, long thought extinct, is seen near the River Thames. What — or who — is behind these unusual occurrences? Eleven-year-old Silver, whose parents and sister disappeared a few years before, lives with her cruel guardian, Mrs. Rokabye, in an ancient, sprawling mansion called Tanglewreck which holds powers and secrets of its own.

Silver discovers that an ancient and mysterious clock, The Timekeeper, is somehow at the heart of the time distortions. Whoever controls the clock, controls time itself. To her peril, Silver realizes that two evil adults — Abel Drinkwater and Regalia Mason — are both desperate to find the Timekeeper for reprehensible reasons of their own.

Along with her new friend Gabriel, whose father had a long ago connection to The Timekeeper, Silver faces terrible dangers and difficult choices. Comfort Snowberger is used to death.

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Here yesterday, gone today. Came across a copy of David Jenkinson’s The Times always thought that young Michael must be a Grauniad type for 12 May wherein young Michael amazed at improved Manchester to Brighton service via Kensington Olympia and improvements to railway catering. Away from the railway feature he was surprised at how cheaply a Professor of Philosophy could be hired then and an advertisement from the Wallop School which brings out the very worst of Master Blakemore.

Colour feature based upon publicity material produced by the Great Western Railway which combines elegant text with wonderful reproductions of contemporary colour material mainly from the s:

Emma Swan is the daughter of Snow White and Prince David, sister of Prince Neal, wife of Killian Jones, mother of Henry Mills and Hope, and grandmother of Lucy Mills.. Born in the Enchanted Forest, Emma is sent to the Land Without Magic to break the Dark Curse. As a young adult, she meets Neal Cassidy and gives birth to a baby boy whom she gives up for adoption.

Geography[ edit ] Huntington is in the southwestern corner of West Virginia , on the border with Ohio , on the southern bank of the Ohio River , at the confluence with the Guyandotte River. The city lies within the ecoregion of the Western Allegheny Plateau. Huntington is commonly divided into four main sections. Residents of Huntington are called “Huntingtonians.

Huntington fills the roughly three-mile wide flood plain of the south bank of the Ohio River for eighty square blocks and portions of the hills to the immediate south and southeast. The site is at the southwestern corner of West Virginia on the border with the state of Ohio and near the border of both states with Kentucky. Discounting the period of French ownership, the land that was part of Guyandotte and later Huntington was originally part of the 28, acre The area of greater Huntington, although situated in a Southern state , was long considered a western city in what was then the Colony of Virginia since the first permanent settlements were founded in [13] in defiance of British injunctions against settlements west of the Alleghenies in the vicinity of Holderby’s Landing.

A farmer James Holderby — purchased the lands in upon which much of Huntington now stands which is why the area was known as Holderby’s Landing prior to when it was incorporated and renamed; [13] Holderby’s estate included the lands gifted in to found what is now Marshall University. The town of Guyandotte was officially absorbed in Modern day Huntington is commonly divided into four main sections.

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Originally Posted by lemonslush That said, just because your sub worked well in your car does not mean it will work well for home use. Car subs are traditionally designed with the concept of filling a small amount of space, oppose to a home which is a much larger area to pressurize with bass OT but this is something that I occasionally see posted on these forums. I’ve yet to see a real explanation on why.

View and Download Pullman Holt Gloss Boss replacement parts list manual online. Gloss Boss Sander pdf manual download.

The celebrated train of was numbered M and was a yellow-and-brown lightweight passenger train, articulated and streamlined as a four-car trainset powered by a horsepower oil-distillate internal combustion engine. Diesel-electric switchers had been working in the switching yards of American railroads since , quietly racking up records for efficiency, economy, and availability.

Even earlier, Union Pacific and other roads had used gas-electric cars for light branchline passenger service. One of UP’s own officers developed the streamlined gas-electric vehicle design known as the McKeen car, which both UP and other railroads bought and used. Internal combustion diesel engines first came to UP in the mid s with the successor to M , in the form of the road’s second Streamliner, a lightweight articulated passenger train numbered M Separate diesel passenger locomotives began to appear with the arrival of the road’s third Streamliner, M , in The road tested diesel switchers in , buying its first diesel switchers during the following year.

But mainline passenger and freight traffic remained in the steady hands of dependable, though costly-to-maintain, steam locomotives. In the s and early s on Union Pacific, this meant s, s, s, and articulated engines for freight service, and s and s for passenger trains. Until the arrival of M and the Zephyr, almost no one, inside or outside the railroad industry, knew for sure whether diesels could withstand the rigors of mainline service, not in passenger service and certainly not in freight service.

M , as it turned out, became the first in UP’s fleet of passenger trains to which it gave the signature name “Streamliner. But they were equally convinced that only more and larger steam locomotives could meet the road’s need for high-speed freight service.

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Most of the clips selected have not been previously seen. As before with we have simply compiled the film clips in no particular order and thus a few surprises will be in store as you enjoy the video. Starting with the Southern, we see Class 33s in action and then over on the Western we see Class 52s and Class 50s in and around the Paddington area.

At Old Oak Common Depot a number of Hymeks and other types are stabled around the last of the four round-house turntables.

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